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Never stop dreaming-Audacity of Hope

“Food for Thought”:

Each individual person is unique, not repeatable and special. There is something very unique in a person. The uniqueness! I agree with thinkers who believed that you never find identical person no matter what. It is in this belief that founders of human rights believed that one of the core natural rights is the right to life. It is in the life of a person that one can see that uniqueness!

However still, life is so beautiful because we are unique and qualified. No one should tell you that you are ugly or worthless. It is in your humanity and dignity that your uniqueness resides. Young persons can come and overtake you in many ways. Don’t worry! They are doing the right thing! It is just a sign that we are not permanent on earth. New ones are born while as many die every single minute. It makes life be what it is.

Never stop dreaming no matter what. Inside each person there is something special and unique! Religious persons would say, God has a mission for each single person. Never tell a child to stop dreaming. Whoever stops dreaming is dead.

Believe in your dreams and work towards realizing them. Of course, some dreams are not realistic and may not work. Don’t worry about that! Keep on with other dreams. Out of many dreams one will be the real dream that defines your uniqueness as a human being. Life is full of many failures and disappointments. Yet, every failure points at success elsewhere, every disappointment indicates some re-appointment. Never tell anybody, “you are stupid”. We are what we are because that is our uniqueness and we should be proud of what we are all the time.

Remember that we are talking about good dreams. There are also bad and evil dreams! Shun them! Pursue the good dreams only! Bad dreams shall only lead you to self-destruction while good dreams shall lead to self re-construction. Never fear your competitors in life! They are also doing their part. Major in your uniqueness and find your source of happiness pursuing your good dreams!

The 44th President of the United States of America, Barrack H. Obama is a good example for all of us. He did not stop dreaming and his good dream or the audacity of hope became true! He pursued it to the letter despite all challenges and hard times. He had to fulfill his dream and find his happiness in the midst of all challenges in life. He left a legacy for humanity.

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