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The first visit of the President of the United States of America to Kenya

On 24th of July, Friday evening, the President of America Barrack H. Obama will step on the Kenyan soil. History says, the second after Theodor Roosevelt. South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria have been visited repeatedly by various US Presidents. Kenya has been left out despite all its values in the eyes of the USA. However, Kenya has had important visits from China and many other states from the eastern bloc. However, it is a fact that this visit of President Obama is very unusual. Kenya has received even the Roman Pontiff, the late Pope John Paul II two times. The Presidents from Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania have visited Kenya. The Italian PM Matteo Renzi was here just the other day. Angela Dorothea Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany has been here before, but nothing to compare with this visit. Even the Prince of Cambridge, Prince William has witnessed the wonders of Kenya. This weblog is ready to reveal why is this visit so significant.
Remember one important reality of the international politics. After the end of Cold War in 1989, USA has emerged as the only world power whose decisions are being watched by everybody on earth. Russia has been trying to challenge this but with relatively little success. The Great China is posing as another challenger of the Superpower making attempts to shift the world power axis but, friends, even this is still far fetched dream.
It is not the question of President Obama that makes Kenya panic dear readers. It is the world interest in Africa. Africa is still under HISTORICAL scramble. Remember quid pro quo! There is nothing for nothing. Africa will have to pay either in cash or in kind. There is giving and taking. Such short visit that has made the chaotic city of Nairobi change for a sudden is not just something one would like to wish away. Furthermore, it is only on one day, Saturday, the day of rest for many Christians and a Holy Day for Seventh Day Adventists. His departure is scheduled for Sunday, a day many Christians are not expected to work but to go to Church for worship. Monday will be business as usual. But tell me, what might happen between Friday evening and Sunday? Deals after deals will have been sealed. The message will be already passed. It is as simple as this. Kenyans will switch back to their usual politics as though nothing at all had happened. Remind me of this story next Monday and I will lecture you on what has been revealed.
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