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Disenchantment and politics of avoidance bad for Africa

Ethics is about morals and morals is about good and bad. African traditional communities are known for their deep sense of good and bad. As in the ubuntu philosophy, one would speak of connectedness. There is a lot in African culture that can change the world. Such things like commercializing sex was not African. Sex was meant for reproduction and not for business. Prostitution was not African and was unheard of since sex was done within a cultural understanding of reproduction. Child sex was not heard of unless in abnormal cases that were usually punished by customary law.

Today people are rapidly losing touch with African values. There is poor understanding of African ethics even at schools. The postmodernity only insists on universal human rights as the principle to be applied to all living beings. Everything is becoming commerciable including sex. Money has become the greatest value in our social life. Things are changing in a drammatic way. Even getting married is business. Asking for a woman for her hand, it is now possible to expect one asking, how much would you pay me? It is not African understanding of values and standards.

It is a desire to re-discover our values in order to have more stable society. Thinking that we must behave this way or that way because America has said is not good for us. It is going to create a big gap and as a people we will regret the consequences. It is not strange to hear of our young girls joining terrorist groups because they have no culture to follow. African modern children are losing touch rapidly with their identity.

Governments have no clue for Africa. African studies are being scrapped from the curriculum. There is no more African literature.

The option left is to follow China. Chinese have a powerful culture. First is the Chinese language, food, clothes then we will dance according to their tune. What China will not do to you is to give you values. To get values some will join religion. In the midst of confusion, Africans will be split and divided.

It is a caution to our policy and law makers to be focust. There may not be anymore Africa in few years to come but an extension of China or some terrorist groups. Weak governments may not make Africa emerge strong in this post modern time. Things are moving too fast and our politicians are not prepared to deal with real problems.

Kenya is now crafting laws that have nothing to do with African values. Laws that shall see African families crampling down into sizes. Anti-African values laws are being debated in parliaments and the reality is that we will complain of being culturally re-colonised. This time things will be different. It is about the ideology that is not good for any of us and fighting it may require efforts that we do not have.

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