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Nuclear Energy or Another Scam?

There is a concern about Kenya’s quest for nuclear fuel to satisfy its demand for energy. Kenya’s economy is not stagnant because of costly energy nor insufficiency of the badly needed electric energy to spur its economy. It is true that clean, renewable, amd recyclable energy is the way to go in the 21st Century. There could be nothing stopping Kenya from going nuclear direction just as other economies. Already geothermal and solar energy are being implemened successfully. Another one with equal concern is the wind-mills being installed in Marsabit county. All these technologies are expected to add more energy to the national grid.

The problem Kenya is facing is another one. Corruption and greed for wealth shall not make such good dreams come true. Nuclear energy is considered the cleanest by all standards. It is expensive to achieve and equally expensive to maintain. It demands skills and a good management. But how prepared is Kenya to manage what it claims without getting into another trouble as that of LAPSET and Gulana Project on Tana delta? One may allude that it is wrong to look at the failed projects but to look foward. However, it is correct to be critical about initiatives that the common man takes to be obvious. Already Kenya is struggling with its international debts. The economy is retarded as compared to the projections of Vision 2030. It is always wise to plan according to the GDP. Many Kenyans cannot afford putting 2 meals on table per day. If the Government opts for more borrowing then the current debt burden shall be doubled. Per capita income shall be reduced while tax shall go higher than what it is now.

Political morality in Kenya may not allow such high level technology to succeed in Kenya as it is now. Certain technologies can succeed in certain cultural contexts. Kenya must put its house in order first before making certain claims such as nuclear fuel.

Remember what happened in Japan in Fukoshima. If such accidents occur in Kenya as it is today then there shall be untold human tragedy. Similar tragedy occurred in Ukraina. Kenya cannot even manage its traffic and transport system known as matatu. Likewise it cannot even control Nairobi river water. How can the government claim to own nuclear plant? May be Rwanda or Ethiopia can make such claim but not Kenya.

Kenya has professionals that are not properly utilized. Establishments tend to misuse  funds. Researchers are not well remunerated or properly recognized. If Kenya intends to import professionals then this is not going to be cheap neither. The Government is not paying attention to the institutions for Higher Learning. Universities are abandoned and left on their own. Some universities in Kenya have become tribal sectrarianism which may nominate the Vice Chancellor based on his ethnicity. This is already a failure and the Government is to blame.

Kenya must consider importing expatriates to handle its most needed professional skills and expertise. This is not the solution but part of the problem. Staff development programmes must be promoted and advanced. If Kenya researchers are not acknowledged properly then it is difficult to expect miracles such as the nuclear fuel.

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