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Discovering Oil, Gas and Minerals: Blessing or Curse for Kenya?

As Kenya is discovering more of black gold underneath its territory, there is question of imminent belligerency with the neighbouring states. When the oil was discovered in Turkana county all was well until Kenya started receiving attacks from Ethiopia militia and the Turkana and Pokot started fighting over county borders. A scaring allegations by Somalia Government over the maritime border with Kenya comes after Kenya started to explore oil, gas and minerals in the Ocean. The question of this blog is, is the discovery of oil, gas and minerals going to be a blessing or a curse for a country that has not known any international war? Kenya has for many years been hosting and supporting the Government of Mogadisho. Governments of President Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi, and Mwai Kibaki have had cordial relationship with Somalia. Kenya has been hosting several Somali citizens. President Moi had only one shifta war involving Somali backed militias on the border issues. Kenya crushed the shifta and Somalia stopped the offensive.
For the first time in history the fragile Government of Somalia has filed a lawsuit against Kenya claiming some portions of the Ocean shifting the border to include the oil rich zones. Is it going to be business as usual or Kenya will also position herself to defend her oil rich border?
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