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Gender Mainstreaming

Analysis of women and men in policy planning; it draws strategies in change institutional culture; budgeting and resource allocation; create conditions in towns and cities where women and men can live in peace and dignity, where they can grow and develop; it draws gender policy in order to tackle unequal relation between sexes in all areas of life like work, politics, sexuality, culture and male violence; it formulates women-specific policies and programmes or positive legation and bring contribution, perspectives and priorities of both women and men to the centre of attention in the development arena. In the Photo Prof. Pertile & Onyango.

We carry on the work of research and development, implementation, co-ordination, feasibility studies and assessment activities geared towards enhancing the utilization productivity and gender development and its provision both in rural and urban areas and specifically; producing results by generating self employment projects development activities of production and conservation that have an impact at the gender ground level and which therefore will benefit the rural and urban communities residing in various areas of the country.