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Human Resource Management

Assi Agency offers the following services.

We provide professional consultancy, human resource management consultancy, capacity building and training services, training and personnel recruitment services and to organize and manage humanitarian disaster programs and operations, multilingual conferences, seminars, workshops and to provide all types of translations and to recruit language consultants and bilingual secretaries and organize, manage and otherwise participate in such conferences seminars and multilingual workshops which may be and to construct excite, carry out, equip, improve, work and satellite, cable network and all communication apparatus.

We carry on the business of advisers and consultants in human resources with the aim of providing clients with the following services such as skills audit and analysis of training needs, accounting services, business management services, skills development, capacity building and management training especially in business and entrepreneurship, recruitment consultancy services and also deal with research and consultancy services and in matters pertaining to policy development, formation and appraisal of human resources, organization monitoring and development in all fields stated herein the objectives.