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We are involved in the business of procuring for and supplying emergency relief, shelter, rehabilitation, and emergency kits, basic medical kits, and: Non Food Items (NFI), Hygiene and Sanitation, Water and Sanitation, Shelter and Field related, Household and personal Use, Livelihood and Development Items, Educational and Recreational Supplies, and Nutritional products.

We are also involved in the business of general printing; printers, corporate branding, stationers, medical labels and all types of labels and also carry on the business of manufacturing and dealing with packaging materials, paper bags, boxes and carton makers, cardboards and papers of all kinds and articles made from papers and or pulp and materials used in the manufacturing of or treatment of papers and the business of advertising and publicity agents and contractors, billposters, advertising consultants, display specialists and contractors and to run stationery, carry out publishing work of every kind and act as recruitment agents for jobs to various people and organizations and also run bookshops, act as suppliers and distributors of stationery and all office equipment to schools, colleges, institutions of higher learning, companies, corporations and government departments.

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