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Walls or bridges? Which is which?

Any government has rights to make decisions, policies and laws that would ensure that there is peace and security within its borders. It is within the obbligations of the state …

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Kenya declares war on terror

Kenya has had its fair deal in the consequences of terrorism and there is no way the government can sit back and watch. It is right for Kenyan intellectuals to …

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De-regulating the Jua Kali market in Kenya

As businesses rely on profitability, the question concerning regulation of prices in Kenya is, critical, crucial and vital. The government stopped fixing prices on goods and services, a reality that …

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Being naive about our learning culture

Did you ask yourself why many university students are nowadays becoming much inactive in academic exercise? Here is the contemplation on this. Since the computer was invented and internet became …

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Taxed for no service done

Is it true that Kenyans pay more than what they receive in terms of services? It is correct to believe that taxation in Kenya is still higher than civilized nations …

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