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Ignoring terrorism risky

Open discussions tend to politicize the problem of terrorism and render it a mere criminal offense that one can easily understand. It is a world-wide problem and states are concerned …

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Paradise lost by Milton

Sociologists discuss societal malaise or rot in various ways. One of the ways is to compare the now and the past; another is to compare the now and the future …

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The hunter becomes the hunted

Following what is going on in the anti-graft institutions in Kenya, it is now unfolding that the bodies put in place to provide oversight services and safeguard the public funds …

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Avoid ethical pitfalls

Many Kenyans have invested in real property, automobiles and various businesses. A few who have invested in politics make quick earnings within a short period of time. Any investment one …

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I rather die than resign

In Kenya it is hard for one to resign or step a side for investigations while accused of involvement in corrupt deals. Many Kenyans prefer dying rather than resigning or …

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