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Much needed truth and how political heavy weight hides it

Any right thinking person would wonder, what really can make a mature and conscious adult person with leadership and ethical responsibilities to tell lies to the public? What can make a political leader to fabricate stories only to come to ask for apology for having lied to the public? This blog is about ethics and morals and how they affect our lives. It is about educating societies towards, ethics, values and standards. Remember the previous story on deceptive culture and how it affects societies. Remember also that every leader will have his or her followers no matter what. Even Donald Trump has his followers and adherents in the United States of America. Even Hitler had his followers and those who truly believed in his notorious Nazi regime in Germany. But what can lead an educated, learned and mature person to falsify a story only later to negate it? Some honorable members of Parliament from Mandera peddled the story about mass killings or extrajudicial killings that happened claiming that there were mass graves located in the region. Some famous politicians also rushed to Mandera to address the public rebuking the mass killings that were not.
Ethically it is bad to tell a lie as means to an end. It is wrong and unhelpful for a leader to use falsehood to confuse and mislead the public. But my question is, what can make a leader to lead by misleading?
There are several dynamics in deceptive culture. Some people use it for their personal gratifications, some use it for political gains, some use it as a fun AND LIFESTYLE to attract more attention while some may have ill motives behind their behavior. All in all, for a normal and sane mature adult person, there is moral duty to tell the truth and stick by the principles of it throughout.
In politics, lying in order to gain mileage against the government in power is not ethical but merely political. It may not be a selling product in politics if falsehood is discovered. It is a sign of desperation and looking for power at all means. Remember when Mr. John Blair of the UK was wrongly and falsely advised to believe in WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) making him join hands with the USA to destroy Saddam Hussein and his amorphous regime in Iraq. The adviser later committed suicide as a sign of guilt. In Kenya, no leader would even imagine resigning let alone committing suicide.
A leader must be ethical and must prove integrity test. It is now the time political leaders may need a vetting board and if disqualified should not be given ticket.
To my surprise Mr. Donald Trump is leading among the Republican contenders. Why do some people side with the falsehood and not the truth? This is a matter of social behavior that requires scrutiny from social psychologists. Human society is now used to gossips and lies that they cannot distinguish between facts and fictions. It is the public state of mind that makes leaders behave in unethical way. As so long as there is somebody ready to listen to false stories, false allegations, dirty words, arrogance, hate crimes, and others, leaders shall always trade in peddling lies. They adopt the business principle of demand and supply. As so long as there are customers willing to subscribe to gossips and false stories, deceptive culture shall stand.
Human society is rapidly losing touch with values and standards. What matters is about news by all means. But remember, falsehood will only cultivate bad blood among the citizens who struggle to co-exist peacefully and respect one another. Alleging that KDF and Police Force committed massive extrajudicial killings in a region is like inciting the public against the authorities and such behavior hailing from sane and responsible leaders should be discouraged.
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