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Police brutality is still rampant in Kenya

I have never witnessed police brutality before. Today, around 8.30 am, at Kisumu bus station, people were confused. Tear gas was smelling in all angles at the busiest part of the city. I had more courage to speak to the crowd. Nobody had any clue about the police onslaught. I witnessed police brutality. Administrative Police armed with rungus and a whip. They could hit any person nearby. I moved a step to take a safer angle. To my disbelief, there was a young man being cained and beaten like a snake. He was drugged and thrown into police landcruiser. I could get some photos but from a far distance which I will upload. This story is more interested in discussing the issue of torture.
Is the state justified to commit torture after signing the Convention Against Torture? Is it not right to handle suspects with respect? It is barbaric for security officers to terrorize the public by whips and clubs. I would expect police to use excessive force only in circumstances of dealing with violent persons or those who are also armed. In this event, civilians were not armed and nobody was heating back to the police. Tear gas and sounds of gun were very scaring. It was very bad in Kisumu for business and travellers. Remember that torture can be psychological, physical and moral. By large, even those who were not whipped but sniffed teargas were tortured. Most people suffered from fear. It is immoral to treat human beings as beasts.
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