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Political duel in Kenya

Kenyans are known to be putting politics everywhere and in every activity. But it is the time to put a break on politics and concentrate on development issues. Blame game and politics of survival is hurting this country. Who is who in Hon. Ruto’s case is taking this country to another episode of make or break. It is unfortunate that political parties now trade on the case of Ruto due to the coming elections. It is also true that Jubilee wing is trying to weaken the opposition using Ruto’s case. At the same time Cord Alliance is also rebutting and making sure that Jubilee team bears the brunt of the on-going case in The Hague. At the end of the day, the Prosecution Lawyers are gathering more evidence to strengthen their case. Actually, the MPs should not keep on putting politics in every matter…they may be only spoiling for the defendant rather than making things better. It is not the first time we hear of Kenya pulling out from the Rome Statute…but how will this help in strengthening the case of the defendant? Pulling out from the statute that brought about the international criminal court will not help to perpetuate impunity or to continue committing international crimes anyway. Lets call spade a spade and move on. This nation needs men and women whose mindset is towards development and wellbeing for Kenyans. Looting from the public coffers to support our political case may not help the economy or strengthen shillings… It is a pity that some politicians think of the fate of Hon. Ruto for their own selfish goals. It is the time to allow justice to take its course and for politicians to concentrate on the work they were elected to carry out.
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