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What should and should not be in politics?

I said it last month that Kenyan politicians will trade on President Obama’s remarks and good points. It is not healthy for the nation to see politics in all sectors of life including fighting the graft. Civilized countries carry on their businesses despite unstable politics. Kenya, instead, uses politics to thwart any effort to develop and improve the system. Whatever the President of the United States of America told Kenyans was done in good faith and in public. Now using it as a tool to campaign for 2017 is unfolding as though whatever was said rattled some people in power. I think, any nation should divide what is politics from business. A wise person is that who listens and takes corrections. It has not taken long when the US President warned Kenyans of divisive politics, corruption and discrimination.
Any nation on earth has its challenges. Such challenges must be handled with sorberness and sorbriety.
good leaders usually shall seek how to engage in remedial dialogue. It is through national dialogue that leaders shall come to terms with some bitter realities such as terrorism, poverty, social ill-being and corruption. It is not through criticism and trading on blames. It should not be politics based on personalities and hatred. Kenyan needs educative politics other than confrontational politics in this case. But, as President Obama wisely said it, it is the people of Kenya to say, “enough is enough”. There are more serious issues to deal with other than campaigns and gearing towards who will form the next government. The priority as per now should be how Kenyans can solve challenges facing it. There are economic challenges, social challenges, cultural challenges and environmental challenges. Using politics to shift the minds of the general public and make people forget the eventful speech by President Obama is not right. History shall judge the current politicians harshly.
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