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Politics of patronage not good for Africa

Development and growth of a nation is also judged by the morality of its politics. As so long as we have persons running for leadership position in order to benefit themselves, our nation will always get into serious problems. Parliamentary debates will cease to be of certain quality and expected standards, elected elite will keep on bickering on each other, sychophancy shall always be perpetuated to an extent that people will crowd around an immoral leader in order to benefit from his immoral service. Many African states in general suffer from moral deficiency. People elect leaders not because they are convinced that they are good persons but because they see their gains in them. It is what brings pleasure to individual that counts most other than what serves the common good or supervenience. We are drived by likes other than the ideals that will serve all. It is the unmaking of our nations to believe in beneficiary. Patronage politics and having god father in the government.
In practice, it is also real that one may not access the job of his or her choice due to the politics of patronage. Certainly, individuals, even professionals may reason and behave in a manner that betrays their social status, because, at the end, they have to survive. It is the politics of survival even if means to such survival are immoral, unethical and unlawful. The gains a person gets when a member of his or her ethnic group is in top leadership is to say that they will benefit. Such benefit can as well be moral benefit. A person has more sense of security when a person from his ethnic group is on top. Such a person enjoys certain moral and psychological satisfaction. This blog story is reflecting on general behaviour of Kenyan political elite. Most of them prefer sychophancy and going with the crowd. Leadership is judged by being rude, couragious, arrogant and a bad guy. The reason is, those who support such unethical leadership are the beneficiaries whenever such a person gets the top job. In Kenya many leaders reward those who supported them, meaning, their benefactors. Such are the people who get government tenders and top offices. Some clever citizens prefer betraying their profession to fally behind unethical politics in order to land into prime appointments. Some are awarded top positions or service on boards. Unethical leader has a list of goodies to offer to whoever shall support their cause.
On 20th of October, Kenyans celebrate their heroes. The new constitution allows any citizen to choose his or her own hero without conditions. Surprisingly enough, some tend to like their god fathers and see in them heroism. Rarely do people judge a hero by “good” and “bad” – in respect to their service to the public. The “common good” is just an ideal which is still a utopia in Kenya. What matters is what I can gain and benefit from the leader. This mind-set has to stop. A new brand of politicians must get into the system with a mind of serving the common good and not their egos.
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