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Presidency for life is not a thing for the past in Africa

The thing to know about Rwandan President Paul Kagame is not just that he is a dictator responsible for human rights abuses but that, despite this, he has a great many friends.

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His Excellency President Paul Kagame is not a stranger to Great Lakes politics. He is also known for bringing Rwanda to where it is today. Congratulations for his steadfastness and promise to the people. The question in this blog is, is there no any other Rwandese that could vie for Presidency and lead Rwanda after Kagame? This is a question worth 1 million dollars. The dominant political school of thought in the Great Lakes’ region is unique. Those who came into power through the gun are no quitters and Kagame is one of them. President Joseph Kabila in the DRC is doing exactly the same. He is not ready to relinquish power. Their master is President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who managed to pick pieces from the war tone Uganda and made a country out of it. He has made himself a life president and fought his opponents. Challenging Museveni in Uganda is not a nice move for whoever loves his dear life. He is the decision maker and leader. He will simply ask you, where were you when Uganda was burning? To know more about this ask Dr. Kizza Besigye, an activist that thought Museveni was a joker. Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe is the founding father of the nation. Never dare him, even one day. Ask Morgan Shangarai what it is to dare Mugabe. The same school of thought is now worrying Burundi. President Pierre Nkurunziza came from the bush and through the gun he managed to find his way to the sweet corridors of power. Dare him and you will see him in the football field. He plays defence, middle and striker. But he is also good at goal keeping. His return from the unsuccessful meeting of Dar-e-Salaam has seen Bujumbura turning into a bloody town. He only accused al-Shabaab interfering with Burundi during his absence but now the opposition leaders are seeing fire.
Life presidency in the African continent is still rife and the gates of hell may open up again after sometime of relief. As so long as President Kagame is not ready to prepare the country towards a democratic future, the past evil may haunt the country on the hills. Kigali is known for its clean environment and orderliness. It is nothing to compare with Nairobi. It is a police state. Public cleaning is known in Rwanda and even the President will lead by example. Mr. Kagame is known for his soft voice, eloquence and brilliance. His words are final in Rwanda. Never dare him. African tyrants are no quitters and never take them for granted.
Power ought to be a service to the people. It is leadership. A good leader is that that will make others become better than him. A bad leader will always think of his son or wife to be the successor. Most of the modern African dictators, will either prepare the son as the successor or the wife. But, remember one thing, the nation is for God. All of us were born and found the earth and people on it. We will one day die and leave the earth and the people on it. Mighty leader of Libya, Colonnel Muamar Ghedafi got into power by gun in 1969. He thought Libya was his personal or family or ethnic property. He was no joker and nobody could dare him. President Ronald Reggan of America tried but had to see who Ghedafi was. But, but… at the end, he had to succumb to the demand of the masses.
There is wisdom in the say that we must live and let live. There are many other potential leaders that should as well be given chance in a democratic way. God’s people are endowed with various gifts and such gifts can only bloom if given chance to do so. Democracy is meant to allow others also to share in God’s creation.
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