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President Trump has not found an easy time in the White House

Members of Transgender community are banned by Trump from serving in the military!

It is now a fact that President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America has not found an easy time with his administration after his volatile elections in 2016. He adopted the high office with bitterness against his predecessor. His personal conviction that whatever President Obama had put in place was wrong, had, evil and not worth adopting is already a sign of a wounded leader. His bitterness with the media, democrats, and Obama policies are all indications that Trump run as a warrior. The reason for his bitterness may more be personal than general.

He issued Executive Orders that perplexed many Americans and the rest of the world. Most of such orders were challenged in court and he lost. He never stopped there. He is always seeking to fulfill his campaign pledges to the American people by reversing all that Obama did including making the Cuba and USA relationship difficult again. His call to wall out Mexico is still hanging on the strings while his relationship with Russia remains a top-secret.

His administration has had cases of many professionals resigning and some being sacked. His relationship with the FBI remains fragile after firing the former boss, Mr. Comey. The White House has had difficult time with many people resigning and new ones being assigned to office.

Mr. Trump suffers another blow when the Senate votes overwhelmingly in favour of more sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. How this will work well for Trump is still a question of time. Repealing and replacing Obamacare is still an outstanding crisis in Trump’s administration. He fails to convince all Republicans and Democrats to repeal the law that has made former president even more popular.

His relationship with Venezuela leadership is getting increasingly critical as president Nicholas Maduro is citing the interference of USA in the internal affairs of Venezuela. How Trump is dealing with such crisis is still not very clear.

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