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Professionals turning crooks in town

Professional ethics is on high demand in the Kenyan medical sector. The constitution stipulates that every person has right to access medical services and Kenyans went celebrating. Today private clinics are mushrooming in all estates. They are just like kiosks where people buy sweets. Most of those who manage such clinics do not possess the right certificates and licences. There is no supervision from the government while many innocent lives are lost. What is so surprising is that a clinic can commit you in taking blood tests hoping that all will be well. Only to be told you have typhoid even if you are suffering from flu. The next day you try the same test at an hospital and only to be told your do not have any typhoid after paying the clinic substantive amount of money. If you do mistake to believe, then you will be sold expensive drugs including intravenous injections. The whole treatment will cost not less than 5,000 Kenyan shillings. This blog is interested in revealing lack of professional ethics in the medical services in Kenya today. Many innocent Kenyans are taken for aride and conned lots of money. It is time the government must care about certified quality service. It is one thing to speak of service delivery but totally another one to speak of quality service.
It is unethical to sell someone something that is not medicine. It is likewise immoral and unethical to lie to someone that he or she is suffering from some serious diseases in order to swindle his money. This sort of behaviour is very common in Nairobi and the government is quiet about it. No authority is taking into account how much professional ethics is important. There have been cases in which blackboard chalk is used to lie to patients that it is panadol. So many Kenyans have lost their dear life due to this cartail. It is the time the government must assure Kenyans of quality service.
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