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Psychotherapy and legal medicine

I remember reading in one book some decades ago which explained that some 82% of persons admitted in hospitals in the America did not need medicine but someone to talk to. I also agree that some diseases need more psychologists and psychiatrists than physicians. It requires research and experiments to confirm the findings of certain pathologies that may not need medicine. For instance, lifestyle diseases are diseases that do not need medicine in order to heal. Most of such pathologies need someone to speak to.
African traditional societies had medicine men and women most of whom engaged their patients with conselling. Most of the patients would be healed just through speaking to such consellors without taking any medicine or drug. In many cases, patients received psychotherapy which is very effective in curing certain diseases more than pills AND conventional drugs. For instance, a woman complaining about failure to conceive after 4 years in marriage…after being counselled by clever person would conceive. Some people even develop serious body ailment and pains, but after talking to a counsellor, they get well. Some may only need entertainment and moments to laugh. The findings may vary according to researches performed on a social group.
It is in this sense the government should not over-regulate the entertainment sector. Putting so much restrictions to pubs, or entertainment sector may only multiply patients which hosptials cannot accommodate. Human beings need moments to relax and socialize. There must be moments of sports, comics, laughing, and easy moments. Life cannot be only from work to house, or from your family members to your work mates.
Indeed, growing cities such as Nairobi may need to do something on psychoanalysis and enable residents to reduce on consuming expensive medicine. We need to deploy more trained psyhologists even at schools. We need more social workers and entertainers in the urban areas. Their role is very important. Such move shall reduce number of inmates, patients and street men. How many Kenyans gather to listen to street preachers or miracle performers or magicians? It is not a surprise that human beings sometimes need things that reconnect them with their gods and spirits. Some shrewd Kenyans take advantage of this need and start sects…and become tycoons over night. It is nothing to wonder so much about. They have found a loophole in society. Certain rich people need psychotherapy and spiritual service no matter what. Whether the pastor is not trained and is telling them rubbish, they do not care. What is so important is that such person is able to effectively touch their psyche. It is in this sense preachers make fortunes over night. The so called Apostles, Prophets, or Diviners, are just clever men and women who have known how to make their money out of the ailing public. Even elites and very clever persons tend to believe in them because they have solution to their spiritual and psychological problems.
Witchcraft in Africa has been persistent for so many decades. Why? Because it fills the gaps in society. It connects people to their divinities. It helps believers see some mystic in life and get satisfied. In legal medicine – the role played by bioethics, psychotherapies and forensics now mate with sciences in providing some most needed services to society.
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