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Question Trump may find uncomfortable


Such question as what are human rights shall certainly give the leading Republican nominee a hard time and unfathomable heartbreak. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by nations in 1948 prescribed 30 articles of what is known as human rights that Mr. Trump may certainly fail to agree to. Such as political and civil rights, economic, social and cultural rights are not gonna be easy for one who seems to be leading in the race to the White House.

This blog story is interested, rather, in analyzing some of the campaign beliefs that Donald Trump stood for. He stood for leading America to discriminate against the Mexicans, the Latinos and Afro-Americans. He also declared his belief in not joining the rest of the world in cooperating in the struggle to get a better world and he said, if America is to fight for human rights the affected nations will be charged for such effort. As well, Mr. Trump believes in deporting almost 11 million immigrants that to him are slowing the American economy and no Muslim will get into America. The same Trump is not ready to get into mutual negotiations with China nor any other state competing with America. His belief is to make the America Great Again, but fails to explain how?

If the understanding of natural rights which were changed into human rights means universal rights, then we cannot afford to discriminate any human being in the 21st Century whether a Jew or Gentile, Christian or Muslim, Black or White. If we truly believe in collective rights, then such issues as climate change and right to life, must be endorsed by any world leadership including Donald Trump. The life of humans matter to the world today more than ever before in human history. Any attempt to reverse the perception of universal values entailed in human rights, is tantamount to returning the world to the historical catastrophic world of dictators.

There is still room for Mr. Trump and his campaign team to re-educate themselves on human rights and the values all human beings stand for such as human dignity. Upholding such standalone ideas and avoiding to tackle problems that are threatening humanity shall translate into shallow understanding of human rights. Human rights are interrelated and interconnected. America will only be relevant when it gets into constructive relationship with other nations and make no mistake to make people believe that a nation can afford to take people back to the age of world wars.

Governments are now held reliable of common problems and dangers facing humanity in what is known as shared burden and state wrongful acts are now being looked into. Time has come for nations to hold their governments accountable for damages and wrongful acts. I think that Mr. Trump’s winning the bid for the white house shall only be successful if he subscribes to shared values, standards, human dignity, and most importantly, shared human environment.

Segregation systems which rose to apartheid regimes are no longer compatible and consistent with a world that identifies itself with human rights, constitutionalism and the rule of law. Hate speech or hate crime has been since prohibited by many legislative regulations in many states including the United States.

Human rights have brought to reality many untold good stories to human life across the globe. But remember that the achievement of such struggle can be attributed to men and women who have sacrificed their lives to make the world what it ought to be. This blog cannot afford to forget the contributions from people like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Mrs and Mr. Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and many other men and women to the revolutionized world. In their pro human rights campaign they have upheld the dignity and rights of all humans. Mr. Trump’s dream may hit the rock if it does not fit within the universal human rights.

United States of America has come a long way in developing the history of human rights. It has been known as the place for all races and cultures in the world. Any informed person cannot forget the ugly American civil war based on racial discrimination.

Child rights, women rights, conventions against discrimination, conventions against genocide and against torture carry with them very strong and powerful legal values that no any world authority will afford dismissing no matter what.

No matter how much I honor and respect Trump, I still believe that he has still to change his attitude towards human rights, such as fundamental freedoms, human dignity and universal human values. He should be able to explain to the world most of his claims and allegations under the context of human rights. Nothing is personal here but I believe in serious issues that will make the world a better place for all of us and each one of us other than insults and abuses. Better ethical than unethical this time round. However still the Americans will now have to look at personality other than policies from the contenders, moral values and the dream of America must come true.

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