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Kenya’s struggle with her democracy after over 5 decades

Name, shame and blame are three elements defining the Kenyan political environment. The question is, has it been the case in Kenya since the independence? Actually, this is a change in the last 2 decades. Kenyans have been taken for a ride by political leadership. What is happening now is based on name, shame and blame for political gains. Unitary politics ended with 34 years rule by President Daniel Arap Moi. Actually, during his reign, there was a united Kenya. Even if there were inter-ethnic rivalries and clashes, they were sporadic. Politicians were more friendly with one another than today. They would invite one another in fundraisings and read from the same script. This blog story is more interested in discussing what has really changed? The reign of President Mwai Emilio Kibaki saw Kenya dividing along ethnic lines. Political parties became sinonymous to ethnic divide. ODM introduced the Pentagon theory to do away with ethnic based politics. PNU departed from this school of thought and came up with a party dominantly inspired by a region. This brought about the politics of hatred, name, shame and blame. The URP started it in earnest to disqualify ODM’s leadership. Now the political culture is that of name, shame and blame. This is a social maladie in Kenya today. The question of the ICC and the Kenyan cases is making it possible that Kenyan political terrain is splitting apart. Instead of reconciling Kenyans around the leadership, politicians prefer blame game. It is dangerous and unethical to put enemity among people who have learned how to live together. Politicians engaged in prayer rallies and those who use funerals must re-consult their wisdom. The nation is bigger than any individual. Even the PEV victims are part and parcel of the people we should pray for. It is right to forgive one another permanently and reconcile. The failure to forgive and to reconcile is the unmaking of the Kenyan politics. Kenya is suffering from nepotism, corruption and negative ethnicity… something must be done.
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