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Marshall McLuhan coined the word global village in 1962. By then, little did people know that global village would become a reality in the 21st Century? McLuhan exactly meant that the globe would be connected electrically and electronically. Movement of information from one part of the globe to the other now takes less than a fraction of a second. The speed of communication and how populations get informed is amazing. People interact freely and easily. All is credited to the digital revolution. We are at a point that even leading a nation while you remain analogue is going to be unpractical. It is now easy to know what is happening in North Korea and in Capo Verde without travelling there.
This blog is interested in one simple factor. Who is the beneficiary of this revolution? Are there entities, or institutions benefitting from this digital revolution? Who is behind globalization or internationalization?
The answer to the above questions is “Yes” with capital Y. May be McLuhan invented the idea but was not the beneficiary.
Not even governments are beneficiaries… if anything they the losers. It is all about Multinational Corporate. The Transnational Multinationals have the bigger hand in the global village. Others are also benefitting in several diverse manners from the digital technology. For instance, there is development in progress. We also appreciate the development of global culture.
The global village has its own language and way of perceiving things. Social media have demonstrated that the users have there own language for fast communication. Such language is not grammatically correct. Young generation master it very fast and use it with ease.
But there is a problem. Educational institutions are blamed for not training students on principles, grammatical rules, spellings, and how to have a polished language. I would absolve teachers, educators, professors, lecturers from such allegations. All is on social media, or better, digital technology. The consumers have learned the computer language very fast. Formal teaching of once upon a time is drifting away so fast and those who are employed to teach cannot reverse the course of media culture. For a university graduate to spell Good as gud, is nolonger a rare grammatical error. Instead of saying “For You” – they simply write 4 U. Guess what, this is how far we have reached as a global village.
It reminds us of the dream of “Esperanto” a scientific language that was crafted for everybody in the world. The Spanish project failed miserably and Esperanto did not succeed. Paradoxically, global village is coming up very fast with its own language which is basically deformed English for those who speak it, deformed French for those who speak it, deformed Spanish for those who speak it, deformed Russian for those who speak it. I can say, digital technology is also deforming us…THE STORY CONTINUES…KEEP CHECKING TO FIND OUT.
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  1. I really agree with this. We are getting more connected than ever before, but at what price? This is a nice weblog and I bookmark this immediately.

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