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Reproductive health in question again

One of the most significant legal development advances Kenya is making is seen in the Reproductive Health Care Bill sponsored by Senator Judy Sijeny in 2014. Now the Bill has passed the committee stage and will soon become an Act of Parliament. As much as the Bill is concerned with the reproductive health of women and children it falls short of value criterion and setting up the right age of an adolescent. An informed knowledge and an informed consent are two different things that this body of law must address forthrightly. Another area that has been ignored by the act is the practice of immorality at some education institutions that jeopardize reproductive health care. Whether this is done intentionally or by accident, it is still yet to be established by the law makers.
By the constitution Kenya is a God fearing nation. Why Bills are passed without any consultation with religious leadership is a question of omission. Reproductive health care Bill should have not missed out some of the critical religious inputs especially concerning termination of pregnancy, use of contraceptives, and surrogate parenthood. The Bill lacks the God fearing element that should be addressed urgently before the President appends his signature on the Bill.
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