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How to resign in mature civilizations

It is common to hear that a person holding a public office is offering to resign from office without being pushed. Recently the Speaker of the Congress in the USA John Boehner made an ethical decision to quit the big office. Mr. Boehner, 65, made the announcement in an emotional meeting with his fellow Republicans on Friday morning as lawmakers struggled to avert a government shutdown next week, a possibility made less likely by his decision. It is not a surprise that in America, Europe and Eastern Asia, leaders would disqualify themselves and leave space for someone else. In extreme cases some even decide to commit suicide when discovered to be in the wrong side of the law. This blog is interested in openning a debate on why in Africa and especially in Kenya, one finds it impossible to resign from an office? In Kenya some leaders say that I would rather die instead of resigning. What is it that stops one from make a moral judgment? Why do politicians move to court whenever they are told to step a side for investigations? There is something more than what meets the eyes in the Kenyan governance. A leader who fears stepping a side may have a dubbious agenda. Office is a service and not a way of gratifying one’s egoistic interests. CS Anne Waiguru has decided to seek justice in the law court rather than succumbing to the public call to step a side for investigations. In Kenya there is no law regulating the practice of stepping a side. Whoever steps a side will regain his or her job if found not guilty by the right institutions. Kenya looks as if men and women are not driven by ethical principles while appointed to an office. It is sad.
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