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City Cabanas in Nairobi taking new look

In Nairobi, off Mombasa road, there is a structure that catches the eyes of whoever loves cultural buildings. It is amazing that City Cabanas is being revived after many years of being dormant. It is a restaurant cum night club that was turned into other things such as Sunday services, recreations, and live music. The beautiful City Cabana hosted great musicians from different parts of Africa and Kenya. It is just cultural. This is where one can taste the typical cultural building besides Bomas of Kenya. Such structures are very few in the growing city of Nairobi due to lack of cultural focus on businesses.

The reason for which I have decided to write something on the City Cabanas is not to market the business but to enlighten our readers about the greatness of adding culture into business concepts. China is great economically and as a people because due to her skillful use of cultural values. Why not Kenya? City Cabanas sounds a foreign name and exotic, but it remains unique among other modern social infrastructures. It has been frustrated also by road development that has seen Eastern By-Pass being constructed making the premises look isolated. It survived the temptations and the building stands out among many other buildings in the environs.

I wish many Kenyans were in love with such monuments. I wish our people would pay more attention to what African culture can generate and pump into the modern business concepts other than copy and paste. I wish our readers would have opportunity to visit City Cabanas

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