20150203_151139Of all State commitments “Education” plays the lead role. It is in the quality of education that every State shall determine its future economy. It is by undermining education sector that the State shall determine its destiny. Underestimating the sector is the downfall of the future of Kenya. It is not a question of having schools, colleges and high schools but what matters most is how you are concerned with the teachers and the quality of service. It is in Kenya that a teacher worths too little when it comes to public funds allocations. They are the poorly paid lot yet their services to the public is indispensable. Whenever the trade unions of teachers raise concern and call for negotiations and collective bargain, the government rushes to tell them there is no money or the money has been put in security. If they persist and call for industrial action, the government usually dismisses their claims and use threats.

It is true that many young people have excluded teaching profession from their dreams and they are right. If one has to, then he/she only does it to survive. The reason why I do believe that Kenya is undermining teaching profession, is that when I was to meet teachers of my daughter, I learned that almost all of them are demotivated and less inspired. First, they express a feeling of a neglected lot. Their income does not tally with the services they offer, neither does it fit with the current inflation. Many teachers show a sign that they only teach because they never got something better and if they could be shown another job, then the option will be to resign.

I personally felt very bad. First, my memory went back to the time I was a kid and my beloved primary school teachers would really work hard to impart knowledge in me. They actually made me what I am today. So, why look down upon them? It is a systematic demise of education.

In Nairobi, it appeared that Nation Media House revealed a serious corruption of fake certificates. Students buying fake certificates without attending education is a real doom in the sector. Meaning, if you have money, then you can by-pass education and get your papers. Such unethical behaviour is not news in Kenya since there have been several allegations of students hiring lecturers to do for them research paper at a fee. Some prominent politicians have been arraigned in court for faking certificates from higher education institutions. If all these allegations are true, then we need to be concerned about the sector before it gets out of hand.

It is unfortunate that a serious human being can undermine the value of education at this juncture. There is a serious ethical concern in the education system that must be addressed. Such fake graduates shall only become criminals and may not serve the community.

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