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Privacy rights are suppressed by the new media

In Kenya, some FM radio stations, are styling up in telling who is cheating on who on social media platform. They use the approach of wikileaks by listening to conversations, tracking who is dating who on phone and bringing this to public radio. This has caused serious issues between married couples with some considering divorce as the option, or turning to violence as plan B. What used to be privacy right is now being violated with impunty by the social media. Users of digital technology can take private photos and post them without any legal control or censure. On one hand this is a great achievement due to freedom of expression stipulated by law. On the other hand this is a disaster caused by the digital technology and ruin of social set-ups. Some Kenyan astute politicians are using mini recording gadgets hidden in their smart suits to pin down their political opponents in the board rooms. Hon. Ababu Namwamba shocked the public with recorded voices of some members of Parliamentarian committee which he chaired. The aim was to justify allegations of taking bribe by the elected members. An act that did not go down well with the House. Mr. Julian Assange, the inventor of the Wikileaks is always a man under siege due to his lethal invention. He has made diplomatic relations between nations become fragile and suspecious due to the level of spying on governments. It was embarrassing when the German government and US White House had a stalemate due to spy. Now it is France and USA and so on. There is no more whisper or rather, professional and diplomatic bags anymore. People are curious to know every secret in every part of the world and make gossips become social values. Read the oracles… STORY TO BE CONTINUED…
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