The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) together with other similar agencies of ethics are out to ensure that sports are doping free. At long last, the world is a live to the standards, values and moral rules that should guide sports everywhere. Kenya has been cautioned severally by the same agency after verifying Kenyan athletes that use drug to empower them. This blog story is rather concerned with the stakes in being ethical and unethical in sports.

Sports is one of the most ancient modes of entertainments in the history of humanity. Even the ancient Greece had amphitheaters where actors would entertain the public in city states. The Romans had the gladiators and still the remnants of the Colosseum are still preserved for tourism even today. Who is not aware that sports are one of the most enterprising businesses in the world? Lots of money circulate in sports and many people are employed in the sector. Circo massimo was a great field for horse racers and it is still preserved for history.

However, in the antiquity, it is known by historians that some people would be castrated in order to retain their power in sports especially in singing. Men were castrated to make them have a nice voice in singing. Sport means competition. Competition is as any other business in which people struggle to win and get the prize. However, there must be code of ethics in any sport. There must not be any element of cheating. Any cheating is punished severely for this is not fair for other competitors.

Any drug or substance may apply some artificial energy to an individual. Such energy is not natural but unrealistic. Drug can make one act as a bull and run like a cheetah without getting tired. Some drug users feel that they are in another world. Competing under the influence of any substance or drug is not a fair game. It means that the drug dependent shall win over one who is using his or her natural strength to compete.

It is a duty to compete genuinely and to avoid any use of power giving substances or ecstasy. Even marijuana is likewise forbidden. The rule demands that every competitor must be an equal competitor for the game to be fair. Use of such herbs as miraa or any other product that would induce some false power in a player is considered prohibited under the anti-doping rules. The law seeks to level the play field for all without fear or favor.

Matters become worse if the government is colluding with sports by assisting players to use drug. Russia has been found on the wrong side of the law and is fired from competing, at least this time. What is problematic about this ban is the ethical consequences that such ban brings with it. Russian players are now seen as those who are not morally correct for what has been proved as illegal behavior. Since 1999, WADA has been campaigning for doping free sport and it is working pretty well.

For those who believe in the means justify the end, it is not business as usual. History has been made when Russia is banned from the Olympics. Any element of corruption in the sports sector is not tolerated neither. The reason is to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

Kenyan athletes have been championing the world marathons for many years. Of late even Kenya has been found on the wrong side of ethics and law forcing the National Assembly to enact Anti-doping Act on a hurry in order not to be disqualified by the tribunal.

Whoever thinks and believes that law has nothing to do with morality is wrong. Anti-doping code is developed to restore values and ethics in the sector of sport. The law shall ensure that each person complies with the code before participating.

What has persuaded many to resort to doping is not anything other than to win and get the money. Folk, sports lost its value when it was commercialized. People no longer participate in sports to show and enjoy their talents but to do business. The time sports changed from professional act to a lucrative career, talented players such as Pele of Brazil and Mohamed Ali of America disappeared. Then the world started seeing people like Mike Tyson in the championship. Ethics in sports was damaged beyond recovery till today.

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