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Cults, occults, free masonry breaking the Kenya’s social belief faster than thought

In Western Kenya there is a religious person who proclaimed himself God and the father of Jesus Christ. He is known among the Luhya community as Jehovah Wanyonyi, an old man of about 90 years of age. His followers worship him and no worshipper is allowed to look at him in the face. No one can shake his hand but to bow or kneel down. In Chemororoch location, Uasin Gishu District, are five small grass thatched houses where God Wanyonyi lived. Today there are stories in the media in Kenya that God Wanyonyi might have died, news that the worshippers of his sect still deny. God cannot die. It is not the first story in Kenya. In Luo Nyanza there was one called Messiah Ondeto whose followers believed and treated as Jesus in a black form. Sometimes he was known as Holy Father but mostly he was seen as Jesus among the Legio Maria religion in Kenya. He was a polygamous man with 3 wives and children. When he succumbed to the call of nature, his worshippers kept his corpse for 3 days awaiting his resurrection, a belief that did not happen. The authority intervened and forced the mourners and worshippers to bury the body that was rapidly decomposing. This weblog is interested in discussing religious extremism and freedom of worship in Kenya. Is it proper for the government to regulate religion or to allow people to use religion for their personal interests?
Christianity in Kenya has been commercialized, a reality that make people lose faith in their creeds. It is in Kenya that we have apostles and prophets. Profet Dr. Owuor has many followers and believers. He preaches and heals the sick. His believers take him to be a prophet sent by God to tell Kenyans to convert, repent and reconcile with God. He does not claim to be God but his prophet.
Last year the Attorney General attempted to draft a Bill to regulate such religious extremism and cheatings. Some people have become creative to an extent of making money out of the Word of God. Many who claim to be pastors do not have any proper background of studies and do not know how to explain faith using proven theological studies. One simply buys a Bible, reads and masters the verses, then becomes a preacher then Pastor, then Bishop or Apostle or Prophet. It is disturbing how some sects tell lies and make money in form of planting seeds. They use money transfer to ask people to send money. Such fraud and money laundering in the name of religion in Kenya is attracting the attention of the government. Such people are exempted from paying taxes and become wealthy within a short time. Some are now tycoons living in luxuriant estates in Nairobi.
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