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Should LGBT become law in Africa?

Forgive me for asking tough questions. Gayism, Lesbianism, Bisexuals, & Transexuals (GLBT) has just been upgraded to constitutional rights by the US Supreme Court, and whichever institution objects to it, can be prosecuted at the law courts. The blog is not interested in condemning the law or the practice on GLBT but just to open a debate whether such rule should be globalized or not. This blog story is nothing against the human rights of the minorities or persons with sexual diversities. There is nothing against the dignity and human rights of persons living with such practices in the world. The interest is just to raise a debate on whether America is justified to extend such beliefs to other world systems?
US Supreme Court ruled in favour of GLBT law. The ruling has provoked hot debates on whether it is in good faith to make it general law binding on all federal states? It is a fact that the world opinion is divided on the ruling. Some states have prohibited GLBT, some are not even decided on which direction to take. What is your opinion on this issue? Share your thoughts on this blog.
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