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Should religion be regulated by state? PART I

Religion is different from the freedom of worship. When we speak of religion we are speaking of organizations that are built around certain beliefs and ideologies. Such religions have practices, customs, and some faith based patterns. Religion therefore is an institution other than just worship. What we mean by worship is purely spiritual and is anchored on what we believe in in terms of supernatural. However, the state can not afford watching citizens being reaped a lot of money int he name of God. Likewise, democratic governments cannot afford seeing innocent lives being lost in the name of religion. There are sects that preach to their congregations that there is no medicine. God shall take care of the sick and many people ruin their lives. Some tell their faithfuls to send their savings in tithe or sell their property and give the money to pastor “Servant of God”. When such people engage in corruption and lying to people then they miss the point of worship and becoming a gang of thugs that may require the state intervention. I do not see any wrong-doing when the government puts restrictions so that people may not be cheated by crooks. It is the obligation of any state to take good care of the worship and stop cone people from taking the advantage of the weak.
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