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Shoot to kill is a systematic killing and should not be allowed

From the time Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza was re-elected for the controversial third term in office and his inauguration as the President, many Burundians have lost their lives in dubbious circumstances. There is a trend of systematic killings of those who were opposed to the 3rd term of the President. It is like a new African dictatorship and violations of human rights.
This weblob is very much interested in revealing how the international community tried to save Burundi but this effort has been followed by suspecious silence. The International Criminal Court is not showing any sign of openning investigations depite crimes against humanity. Many Burundians are living under fear and threat. Mortars and gun sounds are usually heard in the streets of Bujumbura. After the suspecious assassination of close confidant of the President General Adolphus, several personalities have been systematically eliminated in brutal manner. Human Rights Watch and other organizations of human rights have reported cases of torture and mistreatment of persons in Burundi.
President Nkurunziza is turning Burundi to a state of blood. Hopefully he may not become another Amind Dada or Hissene Habre’. It is sad that the President is not accommodative of dissenting opinions. Whoever is opposed to his government risk losing job and may end up being killed. There are several Burundian refugees living under fear for their dear lives.
The world should stand by the Burundian people and save more innocent lives. Burundi is a very small economy but damaged by rampant corruption and tyranny. The silence from the African Union is raising speculations. Are other African leaders fromt he East African Bloc planning to follow the footsteps of Mr. Nkurunziza? Why the silence now? Why not to recommend the President for prosecutions at the ICC?
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