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What is saba saba day in Kenya

Actually, Saba Saba day is more of the United Republic of Tanzania than a big celebration in Kenya. It is the celebration day for TANU, the party that won the independence under its founder, President Julius Kabarage Nyerere. Seventh July is an important day in Tanzania as it is also …

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A message to the President of the Republic of Burundi

Burundi on Sunday rejected a second U.N. diplomat named to help resolve the country’s political crisis, saying a critical report about last week’s parliamentary elections demonstrated bias. A UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathili was ejected from Burundi immediately after the 29th June Parliamentarian elections after declaring that they were not free …

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Should LGBT become law in Africa?

Forgive me for asking tough questions. Gayism, Lesbianism, Bisexuals, & Transexuals (GLBT) has just been upgraded to constitutional rights by the US Supreme Court, and whichever institution objects to it, can be prosecuted at the law courts. The blog is not interested in condemning the law or the practice on …

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Mandela and Mugabe are two opposites in leadership

WHY THE LEGACY OF MANDELA WILL NOT VANISH SOON! Rolihlahla Mandela was born into the Madiba clan in the village of Mvezo , Transkei, on 18 July 1918. His mother was Nonqaphi Nosekeni and his father was Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla Mandela, principal counsellor to the Acting King of the Thembu …

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Dangerous nations on earth revealed

Indeed, time has come for us to discuss some of the most dangerous places to live in. The world public opinion will simply start with North Korea. In this blog, it is my interest to share with you the most dangerous nations on earth. North Korea is just among them …

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