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Moral decadence in the 21st Century

WE MUST RESTORE OUR VALUES AND MORAL STANDARDS There is no element of doubt that the world has flipped so many years back in terms of morality. It is also true that the blame is not on USA passing the GLBT law and President Obama promoting same-sex marriage, or, the …

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Should LGBT become law in Africa?

Forgive me for asking tough questions. Gayism, Lesbianism, Bisexuals, & Transexuals (GLBT) has just been upgraded to constitutional rights by the US Supreme Court, and whichever institution objects to it, can be prosecuted at the law courts. The blog is not interested in condemning the law or the practice on …

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Islamophobia and its risks today

As homophobia, islamophobia is fear related to Islam as a religion. Such fear is usually unsustainable in nature. Phobia is irresistable, irrational, inexplicable, obsessive fear of something one does not understand. It is more related to psychological anxiety disorder and sense of threat that one may not explain clearly. It …

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Dangerous nations on earth revealed

Indeed, time has come for us to discuss some of the most dangerous places to live in. The world public opinion will simply start with North Korea. In this blog, it is my interest to share with you the most dangerous nations on earth. North Korea is just among them …

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