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Taxing the poor to pay the rich

Economically the Republic of Kenya is in turmoil in 2017. This has been allegedly linked to too much borrowing, too much stealing and over spending. The Republic of Kenya has been borrowing too much from foreign governments including China. Now the public debt is in trillions of shillings that Kenya’s GDP is straining to pay. The level of corruption that has seen Kenya losing billions of shilling into the pockets of individuals and groups is to the extreme. Too much stealing by some connected fellows has paralyzed the growth. Worse still, it is in Kenya that expenditures over-weigh the revenue. The public expenditure is beyond what the national GDP can sustain making the development become a nightmare.

The question we would like to address in this blog is how the tax man takes the money from the poor to pay the rich. Every average Kenyan citizen is over taxed. The government taxes the all sorts of income including house allowance and relief that are meant to make the life of the poor easier. Pay as You Earn (PAYE) is at 30% and this is likely to go high. Some workers walk out with too little income to enable them support their families. Tax relief is a question of bureaucracy in the KRA that so many Kenyans just neglect.

The rich and powerful persons in Kenya rarely remit their taxes. The honourables are paid sitting allowances, mileages and other benefits that make them earn more than their salary. In this cases, politicians carry home lots of money which is rarely taxed. Workers, teachers, medical doctors, nurses, lecturers, and civil servants are the ones paying huge amount of taxes. This is taxing the poor to enrich the rich. Those who are involved in grand corruption in Kenya are usually the wealthy persons. The public money that they steal is from the revenues. This is exactly what I mean by stealing from the poor to pay the rich.

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