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Teachers’ strike a curse for the public

The state is meant to serve its citizens. It is meant to protect the vulnerable in society such as women and children. The state has obligations in the international law to safeguard the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the citizens. It is within the law that every child must access basic primary education. This is an international obligation that states must obey. Failure to pay teachers and failure to engage them in dialogue, is tantamount to violations of the basic rights of children. The state denies children free education as required by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Education is the passport for the future (UNESCO). Again the ILO upholds the rights of workers. Teachers are workers and have right to be paid what they deserve. The judiciary has done its part and the rule of law must be upheld. Now the situation of teachers’ strike is becoming critical. Rude response from the Executive is against the civilization. It is not encouraging to find a government that cannot engage with workers. Dialogue is a value and it shows some maturity in the system. Parents are suffering and their pain must be heard by the state. It is strange that the same Executive that should uphold the law is the same showing disrespect. hUMAN RIGHTS OF A CHILD MUST BE UPHELD! Service must follow justice. Teachers followed the due process of law and the state must now comply.
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