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Technology revolution versus wealth creation by Ma Yun

Theory is for the professors, business people only think of action!

Ma Yun, known professionally as Jack Ma came to Nairobi accompanied by Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, the UNCTAD chief. Alongside, he came with a huge group of rich Chinese business persons as well. He was loaded with strong and powerful message for the African entrepreneurs. The first strong message Jack Ma had for the Kenyan audience was, youth is the power of the future economy and Africa has the wealth in the young people as compared to other continents. Another powerful message is that digital technology is the power center for the global economy today. Another powerful message delivered by the 53 year old Chinese rich man is that, we must think of how to build others, how to make others better than ourselves.

Out of these loaded topics, Mr. Ma Yun made it clear that business is all about the future and not the past or the present. The youth have got powerful sense for the future and the technology as compared to old people. Internet has finally ventured into a very powerful machine for job creation. He mentioned his invention Alibaba e-commerce business is not a question of what benefits you as individual but how you make others look greater.

In his inspirational talk at the University of Nairobi on 20th of July, 2017, Jack Ma moved a large audience by his simplicity. He said clearly that IQ is left for professors while business requires EQ and LQ; emotional quotient and love quotient. It is about how we relate to customers and people we serve. It is about the love and care of the service receivers or beneficiaries. Each human being wants esteem and our care and attention towards them is what builds them more. It is by doing this that businesses thrive and grow into what AliBaba Group is today.

His intention is not to bring Alibaba Group to the African market, but rather, to make African entrepreneurs venture into the booming global internet business by coming up with new applications, inventions, software that would care for others most. His company is more than willing to bridge Africa with the rest of the world through training of trainers. Thanks Mr. Ma Yun for this great heart and mind!

Remember that the inventor of MPesa technology emerged from one Masai student in Nairobi some years back. Today it is one of the booming businesses in the world. The inventor might have not thought of what his work would have done to many people across the globe. Today it is utilized as one of the systems that change people’s lives across the world.

Never fear competitors in your business, never stop at your failures, never put riches before service and most importantly, involve women in your business. Women by nature know how to care and this is a huge potential.


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