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The Crisis in Sudan may Send Signals to Other Countries…!

Socialism may appeal more than capitalism today…!

The civil unrest in Sudan that has now lasted for several months may open eyes of so many African people who suffer from bad regimes. People’s revolution that swept the government of former Muamar Gedaffi in Libya, swept across Egypt, Algeria, Zimbabwe, and very soon in other independent states, may show a paradigm shift in Africa. People are becoming conscious about their rights and are determined to see rapid change. In what started in Sudan as high cost of living and the increase in the cost of bread has toppled the government of Gen. Omar Al-Bashir.

Omar Al-Bashir is already indicted by the ICC that is still waiting for his arrest and to pursue justice on crimes against humanity in Darfur region in his country. The military that are now in power has arrested Al-Bashir and instead of sending him to The Hague to face international justice, decided to put him in the same jail where he used to send his political rivals for torture and punishment. This decision has not followed the judicial process as it should have been. Al-Bashir is detained without trial by the military after the civil unrest.

But, the civilians will not stop at anything less than civilian rule other than military rule. Under the AU military governments are not recognized by other governments and may not be easy for the military ruler to succeed. The demonstrators are persistent that what they want is a civilian government and nothing shot of this. How this will work out is yet to be established with the turn of events.

There is a changing dynamic world-wide. Even in the great democracy of France, it is not business as usual. There is revolution going on and people are demanding their due from regimes that have not paid attention to their needs. In France it all started by the government tax policy on fuel. Even if the government quashed the new tax rule, the Yellow Vests group continue to cause havoc in the capital city, Paris.

Declared and undeclared life presidents in Africa may not find life easy for them. In Uganda, Yoweri Museveni who has been in power since 1986 is one of the rulers who believe that without them, the nation is gone. Such belief that even former president of Zimbabwe and the freedom founder of the nation upheld has been overturned by demand from the people for changes.

However, such changes are not always the solution to the big problems such nations face. Change in Libya has not made it easy for the people and the crisis is still on-going. Zimbabwe is not yet out of the hook and the same people who demanded the end of Mugabe’s regime are now saying, well, life was tough but better than what they have now. It is not an easy process for people to force the regime out of power and get a new one in place. It is like repeatedly doing the mistake and expecting different outcome.

People lead revolution of course has worked during the French Revolution in the 18th Century. It can still work today. But it all needs informed and formed citizenry. African democracies are running on ignorant populace that may settle on hand-outs, goodies and accept any politician that gives them money. As the Philosopher Aristole had predicted, democracy needs educated electorates. His position was wrong because many electorates do not think like the philosopher. They are the same people who will believe that one from my own clan or ethnic group should lead… or, who provides food and free money should win. Such are people who are desparate and politically complesant. The effects of capitalism have rendered many people ignorant of the ideals and values of the state. This is the reality in most African young nations.

It is now going to be possible for the majority of the electorates to send into governments thieves, drug barons and criminals. What such electorates will consider is not the moral principles but mateiral values such as jobs, money, and quick wealth. Many people in Africa have stopped working hard for their wealth but switch to easy income. The end result is corruption. For instance, in Kenya, it appears as though the common man is not worried about a corrupt leader. Once the corrupt leader is in power, all his subordinates will benefit. How can a blind person lead another blind person without ending up in a ditch? Many youth who are jobless are not bothered anymore about a leader who is ethical, honest and value oriented. In Kenya, the majority of the youth who are jobless prefer a leader with questionable integrity so that they can perpetuate their thirst for quick wealth. But even in this, many people are not happy.

There must be a drastic change in the ideologies we have embraced for many years. Capitalism and free market ideologies have created quick and rapid wealth to some few people…but, so many people are jobless and hopeless. This is caused by globalization and crazy capitalism that is now making it difficult for common ownership. Marxism and socialism ideologies may now appeal more to the new world order. It is the only way communities shall get back to the lost values and regain some happiness in society. Karl Marx was demonized by capitalists during his time but now, with the crisis of capitalism, his ideas may be revisisted by many regimes.

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