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The Crisis in the Judiciary

A judge must be one of high level of integrity and good morals!

As much as we always read politics in every problem, it is correct to call spade a spade not a big spoon. Legal profession requires high level of code of ethics and integrity. There is no way we can reduce corruption in Kenya when the judiciary is fanning the evil and crime. When the Judicial Service Commission names judges who are corrupt and need investigation it is wrong to see politics in this. Vetting of judges is proper and should be carried out every time. Recently when Hon. Judge JB Ojwang’ was mentioned, many people did not see the sense in such action but witch-hunting. When Deputy Chief Justice was arrested on the ground of corruption, many people were not amused but started pointing fingers on politics. Who said it that a judge cannot be corrupt? Who said it that one of my own ethnic group cannot commit an offense. As Kenyans we need to stand for the truth and keep politics out of state affairs.

The human rights presumption of innocence till proven guilty is practiced in Kenya. Saying that a judge should face tribunal for investigations is not like saying that such as person is guilty. It is an administrative process to ensure that Kenyans get services as required by the l. It is due to corruption in the judiciary that corrupt suspects fail to see justice. Well connected rich and wealthy corrupt persons use the money to bribe the judiciary and get away with the crime. I still argue that vetting of judges should continue. It would be the high time to see a judge being put in jail if found guilty through a fair process. What is wrong with this? A judge is also a human being and can commit crime. A leader can as well commit a crime and must face justice. The law is equal for all and there is no sacredness when it comes to law enforcement.

Kenya has good laws but the law enforcement process has got some flaws that hinder the prosecutions and the wheel of justice to carry on. Let’s be sorber and stop putting politics in every issue that comes. It is the right time to change our attitude towards leadership. A leader should even be punished severely when found guilty to teach others to do the right thing and lead by example. Thank you!

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