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The dream to make Kisumu an economic paradise in Kenya may not be true

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Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, the current sitting Governor for Kisumu County was also the man behind the drafting of Vision 2030 when he was holding the docket of National Planning during President Mwai Kibaki’s administration. When he became the second Governor for Kisumu in 2017 he wanted to make Lake Victoria navigable by boosting the already dead Kisumu Port. His plan is to remove the nasty water hicynth that is damaging the lake ecosystem and commit his government to desilt the lake. By doing this his plan was to open the lake to economic use other than fishing. This was subject to the fact that the National Government would extend the Standard Gauge Railway system to Kisumu. It is through the SGR that good shall dock at Kisumu from Mombasa for easy distribution to East African countries and making Kisumu’s economy vibrant.

The recent visit of President Yoweri Kaguta Museni has killed this dream by one shot. Now Naivasha is the Inland Port in Kenya. Goods from Mombasa shall be processed at Naivasha. Uganda has a leased land for its godown interests. The SGR shall then go to Eldoret int he North Riftvalley through Nakuru town then to Malava town border. From Malava Uganda shall get its badly needed goods without using Lake Victoria. Kisumu shall remain idle and Kisumu job seekers shall still think about alternatives.

Sugar-cane farming that has been enriching farmers from the region is also affected by President Uhuru and Museveni’s agenda. Uganda has been given more slot for sugar exportation to Kenya. Already Uganda is sending eggs and other poultry produce into Kenya market. Kenya sends no substantive product to Uganda for exchange. Uganda is going to gain more in the deal.

Already Uganda is the supplier of Waragi liquor into Kenya. This is to make the young population drunk and useless. Kenya has no problem with this even if Waragi is destroying many youth in Kisumu and other parts of the country. Uganda is still holding on Migingo island on lake Victoria and taxing the residents who are Kenyans. This is silence on this matter till today. As the governments are dilly dalling on various issues between Uganda and Kenya, Kisumu keeps on getting into dispair.

As we all praise the handshake and the ground breaking deal of Building the Bridges Initiative between the President and the Opposition leader in Kenya, there is disquiet in the pandemic problems making the population poor and desparate for jobs. Job creation in Kisumu is an illusion and it may not happen tomorrow. The youth must still wait much longer.

This blog story is to look at the national government economic policy and how such policy should benefit the people of Kisumu. Think about it and share….

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