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The End of Capitalism May Be Determined…

If only Dr. Kwame Nkurumah had come back to life to Defend the Pan-Africanism!

Talking about Marxism and Communism in Kenya was almost a capital crime in some twenty years ago. Kenya had joined the capitalist market and politics. Kenya adhered to Anglo-American system and policians aligned to Social Communist ideology of the Eastern Europe had to be condemned to political death bed. One of this type was the very first Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who aligned with the Eastern European and Chinese social ideologies.

What is happening in France, Venezuela, Algeria, Sudan and many parts of the world engaged in mass protests may not be good news for any of us today. USA closing its ports for migrants and asylum seekers, UK still held up in a political mess with Brexit, North Korea making its new calculations after the failed talk with USA, China weighing her options with USA in the already over stressed global market economy. Some African growing economies getting worried of what the future holds with Zimbabwean hope to rise up is dim. DRC getting even worried after the elections and the new President sworn in office. Rwanda making new claims on Uganda, Burundi and even France for the sad historical genocide. Uganda joining hands with corruption in Kenya to make economic millage in the 21st Century…and to rap it all, the effects of climate change pushing the African economies to the limit.

There is a turn towards what had been thrown into the dust-bin of ideas, Marxist stand against capitalism. Now that the world economy is deep crisis even wealthy nations are beginning to see sense. The world is not heading into the right direction. There is a sense of crafting new economic idea other than what has been there in the global market theory.

Kenya is at a cross road. Politicians are hyper about their gain in the next general elections while the population is reeling in poverty, misery and desperation. The economic future which favours only some few individuals is reming us of what an MP by the name James Mwangi Kariuki had termed as an economy of 10 thousand Millionnaires and 10 million of the poor. What is holding the economy has been from global investments. The GDP that relied heavily on agriculture and tourism is now faced with new challenges. Kenya seeks new ways of boosting her economy by improvising other means. Sad enough this requires huge funds that are not available and tax-payers cannot afford it. The government has sought other means such as borrowing through Euro Bonds, from China, World Bank, IFM and the African Development Bank. As the public loan is getting bigger, the likelihood to pay it back is scarce. The oil field Turkana region may not even be something to consider for the 3 trillion shillings in debt. What keeps shillings afloat is nothing other than foreign exchange and funds from investors.

Shall Kenya survive economically given the reality on the ground? Some regions in the north are experiencing food deficit and the hope of helping them is getting slim with time. The level at which institutions are getting drowned into corruption is worrying. Political leadership provides no alternatives for the population that badly need quick and lasting solution to the economic crisis. Capitalism that has worked so well for Kenya is now proving to create more disaster. Social welfare state which has been ignored for too long might be another campaign tool in 2022. However, the general public is weighing the option. What shall save us from this huge economic mess? Not America this time round. Not even Britain that is also facing difficulties. It is China but with strings tied.

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