It was the time to crack the whip on the members of National Examination Council (KNEC) and all teachers and others who leaked the examination questions to the public last year 2015. Whatever happened showed that there is something not balancing with the Kenyan society. For one to leak the examination questions to the public must only come from a serious abnormality in the social system. There is something very wrong in the Kenyan society. It is right to retrench the public servants and other professionals that messed up the exams but it is even correct to bring justice, integrity and professionalism in the education sector. Education is one of the key functions of the society and messing up with it is like heading in for a serious crisis. Congratulations to President Uhuru and his determination to clean up the system. Congratulations for having changed Prof. Kaimenyi from the Ministry of Education with Dr. Matiang’i who seems to be more realistic and up to task. However, the former CS should not go free from this serious crisis. As the Cabinet Secretary and State officer he must be answerable to the mess.
The reason being, there is stalemate between the TSC, Trade Unions and the Service providers. The numbers are not adding up. What the Minister was supposed to do was not to be rough with the bodies of teachers. His approach to the entire crisis is wanting. He failed to negotiate and treated the gurus of education as juniors and those who are only to take orders but not to question anything. Such behavior is not advisable within the new dispensation. A leader is one who puts himself or herself in the situation of others.
As it goes that the number of students qualified to join the universities is too high. The worry should not be the quantity but the quality. What is the stake of having candidates who were not regularly tested to join institutions for high learning? The universities will bear the brunt of all this. The entire society shall bear brunt of this mistake. Furthermore, education in Kenya has its reputation tainted. The key question here is, what really lead to this mess?
Teachers are generally neglected lot. The earning of teachers is not commensurate to the entire public economy. Teachers do not get what they worth and it is as though they should only do their work and shut up. This is already a big mistake considering the labor principles and rights of workers. The trade unions defending the rights of teachers at the negotiation table have had their money frozen by the Teachers Service Commission. Reason? This is to punish them for having defended their clients, the teachers. Such oppressive methods only yield into sabotage and stalemate.
The problem of the examinations would have been dealt with in a better way than just telling teachers off. They are also human beings and may accept negotiations. Such negotiations should work well towards achievement of national goals.
When we tend to see others as inferior and do not merit what they deserve is wrong. When we see people as stupid, naive, weak and poor, then we must be ready for reactions. Kenya deserves much better service other than having leaders who use fiat to discharge their duty. Teachers are the best professionals to deal with students and the manner in which they impart knowledge. But frustrating them is just like frustrating the whole education which is not proper for the Kenyan economy and growth.
Understanding of the people is the best way. People are symbolic values and their involvement is what makes the society move forward. Any theory that tends to keep people off or discriminate them or to exploit their labour shall not work. Kenyans must be proactive and support their system.
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