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What it means to be a Governor in the modern Kenya

The traffic jam in Nairobi City is a nightmare. This blog is interested in revealing why this is happening and why the Governor of Nairobi is not making much progress.
Things are stiff for Dr. Evans Kidero. He is a very able manager. The first Governor in Nairobi. When it comes to how to deal with the traffic jam, then we should not blame it all on him. It is just a nightmare or a crazy world of cars. Too many cars and too many pedestrians at the same time. Nairobi may need an overhaul and a serious modern city planning.
As much as we can blame it on people buying cars, drivers of Nairobi have developed funny behaviour. Every driver seems to be on a hurry. Cars are driven zig zag on the motorways just to dodge the jam. Too many unncessary roundabouts in the city. Tracks avoid the already passable by-pass that link them outside the city, but still track drivers want to see the skyscrapers too. Some roads are too narrow for a big volume of traffic during the rush hours. Worse still when it rains… Nairobi is hell.
This blog is investigating few areas where the city managers get it wrong. Why not introduce the communter train? Why not to replace the matatus with metro buses managed by the City Council? Why to have too many roundabouts? Why to allow big transit tracks to use city roads? Why not to limit the number of taxis that can operate within the city? Why allow motor bikes taxis and famous tricicle and bicycles to use the city roads?
The Governor of Nairobi has a hard time. His fellow politicians, women rep and the senator keep on fighting him left and right. His fellow MPs and Ward Reps are on his neck for personal interests. He is a man of the year as everybody is waiting for his performance. He has a number of pending and on-going court cases. Ohh!!! Who has made him choose this life? Every genuine leader would ask similar question.
But Dr. Kidero will only smile it and tell his distractors off. He used his physical force to shut up his opponent, Hon. Shebesh and that was enough to prove that his nights are very tight. A leader with sleepless nights may not tollerate nonesense sometimes. The slap became the sign of a leader who is overworked, overstressed and over-stretched.
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