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Dangerous nations on earth revealed

Indeed, time has come for us to discuss some of the most dangerous places to live in. The world public opinion will simply start with North Korea. In this blog, it is my interest to share with you the most dangerous nations on earth. North Korea is just among them but never take USA, Israel and Russia for granted. Syria is a war-tone nation and very dangerous now. Iraq is becoming another most dangerous nation on earth and the list is growing day by day. Eritrea is one of the nations mastering the game with time and may one day become another dangerous nation followed by Somalia.
What makes a nation so dangerous? For God fearing people, the answer is just that, any nation that fails to recognize the supernatural and mighty powers of God is already dangerous. Generally, a person is dangerous if he has no fear for God. But, in reality, the most dangerous person is that who does not believe in devil. The Supreme Leader of North Korea does not acknowledge the existence of devil. Killing his real uncle in public because he fell asleep when he was speaking, is a sign of a person who does not accept that there is devil. He is the god of the nation.
Islamic Caliphate that is now unfolding as a new dangerous reality in Syria and Iraq, is a group of militants that do not acknowledge devil. Killing whoever comes in their way is just like killing a hen or a goat. Beheading innocent persons is like using human life as a sacrifice to the devil.
What makes a nation dangerous is when human life loses its real sense. It is the reality manifest in death penalty, abortion, executitions in cold blood, politically motivated assassinations and so on. Genocidal cases are signs of dangerous nations on earth. Extermination of populations, races, or ethnic groups, is already a sign of devil bent nations.
Unfortunately, many nations are now turning blind eyes to the existence of devil. Killing of the innocent and destroying lives of children is now becoming rampant in many corners of the planet earth. There is use of violence and terror. There is no tollerance and people live in fear. Destroying residential houses in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, and everywhere on the earth is not a Godly sign. Killing of Christians in the Middle East is done by those who do not believe that devil exists. There is tendency to see evil things as normal and bad behaviour as good.
Ethically, people are rapidly losing touch with moral values and principles. Elements that hold life together such as respect for God in neo-classism is getting to the fault line. Post-modernity is doubting everything.
There is nothing wrong with freedom of association that comes as one of the key freedom speech of President Roosevelt in the eve of United Nations. But, using this to destroy the meaning of family life is likewise a homocide. Life has always been there due to family life. Nations have always respected and promoted family life. But what is this thing we hear of today as gay marriage? How can homosexuals and lesbians form a natural family? Lets stop from rendering our nations dangerous places to live in? The law of nature and rules of procreation must also be respected. A child comes from procreation. Procreation comes from heterosexuality not from marriage of persons of the same sex.
I have my challenges with the notion of post modernism. Checks and balances must be put in place to ensure that we are not ruined, neither, are we ruining the future generations. Live and let live. Lets leave the world a better place for our children and future generations.
Selfishness, greediness and self-centeredness are ruining our nations. There is no more sense of morality. There is no sense of sinning and there is no sense of committing crimes. Such anarchy is dangerous. There is lawlessness emerging. There is persistent call for more privatization, deregulations, and failure of world systems. There is a rush for nations to develop nuclear weapons despite their awareness of the danger posed to the humanity.
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