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Kenya’s politics and the role of women

MAMA NGINA KENYATTA – Mama is a Kiswahili word meaning, mother. The title is only given to women who are respected and outstanding in values. The late husband is known as Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Mzee stands for an highly respected elder in the African culture and the title comes from Kiswahili. Till today, any Kenyan man will be very much at home with the title Mzee even if his age does not show it. Any self-respecting lady, would be very happy to be referred to as Mama – just to show respect. Today, many Kenyan men prefer, Mum, just to Americanize the term. All this is because of Kenyatta’s family…

Whoever thinks that women are doing little in bringing about social change is very much mistaken. Kenyan First Lady and the founding mother of the nation, is still in life and living a very quiet life in the backyard of the Kenyan politics. Little is known about her personal life because she has never been in the political limelight. Whether her silence is by design or default is not the merit of this blog. Her role in defining Kenyan politics is seen from the outcome but not the income of political games. Actually, nobody speaks about her and very little is known about her personal life. She is the widow of the First Kenyan President and the Founding Father of the Nation. She is the mother of the nation.
This blog is interested in revealing some few characteristics that are visible in the powerful lady in the Kenyan history. First and foremost she is a daughter of a known paramount chief, Chief Muhoho. At the time, she was married to the to be, the First President of Kenya, African traditions and customs took it that, a person could be rewarded a beautiful girl in marriage as an honour and appreciation. In this case, Jomo Kenyatta was blessed with the third wife who later became the Kenyan First Lady and the most efficient leader.
Another thing that is revealed to us, she comes from a rich Catholic background. Her brother George Muhoho is one of the highly educated Kenyans and one who was a Catholic priest. He served the government at various capacities, however, too little is spoken about him. Before his retirement in public life, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenyatta International Airport Authority with great success. He is quiet but one of the most educated Kenyans.
The First Lady is only known as Mama Ngina Kenyatta, a name that she has lived with throughout her public life. Her Christian name is not known (in case there is any, we are still to discover). What is known is that she is a Catholic, a reality that moved her husband very closer to the Catholic Church.
Another thing that this blog is interested in is that she is the mother of the Nation but also the mother of the Kenyan Fourth President. She is listed among the most successful business women in the world and one of the wealthiest.
There is a street in Mombasa and in Nairobi nicknamed after Mama Ngina, a sign of being powerful. However, silent, she has defined the Kenyan political landscape before and after the demise of the First President. Kenyans know very little about her personal life. But, Kenyans treat her with honour as the First Lady and the widow of the First Head of State. With all these attributes, this blog is revealing, the power of women in the Kenyan politics.
Out of speculations, the question that may follow, can a woman become the president in Kenya? The answer to this question shall follow in the coming stories. What is known is that there are many successful women that play their game very cool in a male dominated society. Silence is not synonymous to failure… Mama Ngina has mentored her son very well to lead the nation as the Fourth President, and there is no doubt about this. She lives a very quiet life.
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