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The rot in the Kenya’s law society

Kenya has gone to bed with the devil…!

It does not require a lot of research to tell what is happening in a society that is deemed to be the apple of justice in Kenya, that is the Law Society of Kenya. It is just enough to look at the AGM held at Bomas of Kenya where the society is supposed to elect new officials. Powerful lawyers, advocates and counsels that have made their wealth use such wealth to gamble for powerful positions. There is all sorts of immorality and issues that may not reflect the values of Kenya.

This is Kenya. A man eat man society as former president of Tanzania, Julius Kabarage Nyerere had prophesied. I confess that corruption, imputy and immorality has gotten into the nerve system of Kenya’s society. If advocates are the court officials that are expected to stand up to defend rights, values, and the entire Kenya society then what transpired at the Bomas AGM is a prediction that Kenya is not heading to the right direction after all.

In every scandal and economic scam in Kenya there must be a cohort of lawyers and professionals doing the dirty work for their masters. They destroy evidence and bribe judges in order to win cases. Who then can think of ending corruption in Kenya? Who can arrest and prosecute criminals who are rich and politically connected? The problem facing the Kenya’s justice system is nothing other than corruption. Corruption has become the order of the day for wealth.

Even the institutions for higher learning have fallen victims of the evil. Now many students find it even easy to graduate without reading any book. There are scandals in the universities in Kenya that any ordinary person cannot imagine. Exams are sold. Wealthy students can pay administrators to alter for them marks. Only the poor students and most importantly, the honest ones, re-sit the examinations when they fail. The corrupt ones just need the money to pay those who enter data into the computer portals and alter marks. It is very sad indeed. We are just standing aimlessly on a serious time bomb whose time to explode is just about to come.

Some teachers who are as well dpossessed by the demon called corruption also ask for fee from their students whom they perceive to be loaded with money. Who then will save Kenya? Who am I to answer this question? I am also mortal.

To make matters worse for Kenya such will be the leaders tomorrow. They will be the Supreme Court judges, Appeal judges and High Court judges. I really sympathize with the prosecutor. Life may not be easy for certain offices. Whoever tends to cross their path shall be cleared maliciously or even doomed by the very cartail that supports and defends the evil. I have lost some of the lawyers and professionals because they have been bought by chief of corruption whose aim is to use their brain for his own advantage. It is very sad for a young nation.

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