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Truth, reconciliation and justice for Burundi

The recent high ranking meeting held by the UN and international envoys on striking a peace deal in Burundi at Gitega was a pure flop. Despite the participation of the sitting President Pierre Nkurunziza and US envoy still something is unclear. The truth is never told about the crises in Burundi by all those who participate in negotiations. This blog is ready to share the ethics of truth in peace negotiations.
As so long as people hide the truth and not ready to share out their innermost feelings, the problems shall never be solved. There is no magic when we address such serious plights as the ones facing Burundi. The very Burundians know the truth and can tell it all if they wish to. It appears that nobody is ready to speak the truth. Nkurunziza the President may not be the problem Burundi is faced with. The fact that Arusha agreement is the document that is still keep the country going, one must trace the truth from the sentiments and provisions of the Arusha document.
The truth must be told even if it is bitter and painful. People must agree to win and lose in order for peace to reign in a pluri-ethnic social set-up. In Burundi, only the Burundians can find lasting solution to their problems but they must agree to disagree on some beliefs. The international community cannot do and cannot achieve much in making the people tell their truth, history, socio-economic reality and political differences.
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