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Toughest Moments in Obama’s Last Lap…

Philippine President Warns His Counterpart President Obama not to Question Him on Extrajudicial Killings…humanity at peril!!!

Many are still guessing what would be the cause of action from the International Criminal Court (ICC) concerning extrajudicial killings in the Philippines and North Korea. As Manila and Pyongyang are subjected to tyranny, the world is increasingly wondering what the two rulers have in mind. May be, the scenario is to provoke the world conscience or just to betray the international community or maybe none of the two!

President Rodrigo Duterte and military leader Kim Jong-Un are the two leaders today that are keeping the world guessing what would come next. Crimes against humanity are prohibited by the Rome Statute of 2002. However, the two rulers are determined to be ruthless with those who might not be in line with their thoughts and ideologies. As much as America’s attempt to ensure law and order in this part of the world, still some ASEAN countries are hardly allowing America to encroach in their sovereignty.

First and foremost, is the controversy over the freedom of navigation on the Sea of Southern China genuine? America is pleading with its fellow veto power to abide by the ruling of the Tribunal but will the great China listen? Chinese claim that has provoked America may not allow America to get any closer to the door steps of the Philippines (former US colony) nor to North Korea (former communist regime) using the Ocean. You can guess what? May be, the aim is to sink the dollar as the world reserve currency and replace it with Yuan if America cedes the ground.

North Korean absolute military leader Kim is known for his fanatic pleasure in extrajudicial killing and making prohibited nuclear tests. The United Nations Security Council must be getting increasingly upset with such anti-international community and undesirable behaviour.

While Duterte is democratically elected by the Philippines, his colleague from Pyongyang has inherited the dictatorial military regime from his father and there is no democracy there.

There is a show of muscles from the two sovereign states. As the two rulers claim that they are leaders of sovereign states. They claim the same state equality with other states. Duterte posed by saying, Philippines is not under any colony. At the same time Russia, France, United Kingdom and China are suspiciously very quiet about what is happening in the ASEAN region.

Mr. Duterte is known for his tough and stern decisions on dealing ruthlessly with drug barons. He swore to eliminate criminals and eventually already over 2000 lives have been terminated. Still more are on the way. Mr. Kim on the other side is not joker neither. He can even execute his senior officer if found dosing during his speeches. He has never stopped launching his long range missiles and showing nuclear bomb capability. Right now he is a man to watch by South Korea, China and Japan.

Was President Duterte Rodrigo justified when he told President Obama not to question his policies? Is he right to claim that he is only answerable to the Filipino people and nobody else, not even the ICC? Are the two leaders jump-starting what would be … a possible international disorder? Is America losing her position as the world superpower? Why are the entire Veto powers not so much perturbed by this steadily evolving world scenario? Is there something we may not know about this antagonizing moment for the international community? Can an international lawyer interpret this tendency as a breakdown of the universal human rights system and international law and order? Is the declared war on drug just a scapegoat? Will the ICC dare the two bold rulers and bring justice to the victims? There are more questions than answers and this blog is willing to indulge more in this matter.

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  1. Mr. Trump is one who dismisses President Obama’s politics. But I think Mr. Obama’s diplomacy and openness to dialogue and giving dictators chance to engage meaningfully is the best option. It is not a surprise that President Obama had chance with President Duterte. He did not hurl unethical words at him but rather, he sought to appeal to his conscience asking him to do things within the rule of law. International dialogue is not an easy undertaking. Obama’s legacy will go down the international book for his uniqueness.

  2. Even if Mr. Trump believes that health is a campaign tool in the American politics, still I do believe that anybody can fall sick or cough in public. Whoever cannot do that may be super human being and I wonder if Mr. Trump does not even sneeze in public. The health of Mrs. Clinton should not be a public debate for it is a personal issue. Her rival should not take advantage of that.

    • The wisest thing to do is to avoid unethical circumstances. If I were Trump, the best thing would be to avoid any negative comment on the health of his rival. This can boomerang on his campaign. We need to be human and to learn that we are all mortals.

  3. Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region has seen it snubbed by the west. Lately Russia has had few chances to host major international gatherings so when the ASEAN countries came knocking she was more than glad to roll the red carpet for them. Russia would love to restore its super power status while China on the other hand may want to acquire super power status. Both aspire to be world leaders so if America sinks they have everything to gain. China is playing it safe unlike Russia that is coming out wooing the ASEAN nations openly; China’s moves are very toned down, sitting on the fence and wooing Africa instead. Our country Kenya is heavily indebted to China; it follows that if China come knocking Kenya would definitely vote in its favor.

  4. Further, China abstained from the United Nations security vote on the Crimean referendum. This seems to back their laissez faire approach to international politics; it was a teleological informed decision on their part, voting either way was detrimental to China since Taiwan needs America to supply arms and China needs Russia as an ally strung out by the west. In the case of Kenya’s post-election case at the ICC, China openly voted for Kenya. China‘s wooing of Africa wears no mask while trending carefully with America and Russia and sitting on the fence.

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