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Business Means Business!

Did you learn that any business is business? Even selling milk is business? Most of us think that business must be dealing with big transactions. Little do we know that even those who sell groundnuts are in business. What is important in any business is the word “Trust”. Remember that without trust you cannot do business. It is not a surprise that many businesses rise and fall so fast. The question is always on trust. It is hard to convince a worker not to mess up even with a coin. In the coin there is so much. Any money meant for the company must be paid to the company because this is where your salary will come from. It is this simple. Work for your company and your company shall work for you.
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Dr. Peter Onyango O. is one of our main contributors. He is a senior law lecturer, a writer, a consultant, peace ambassador, and a researcher. He assists so many professionals, legal minds, and debaters with his skills and scholarly wealth! He supports children and village community as a way of giving back to community. He edits, proof reads, and publishes various articles for our page!

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