Top comes from such words as topos (Greek meaning place). For instance, topology and topography have something to do with being on top of something but not exactly. Desktop, laptop, and so on are usual terms that we use to mean above the desk or the lap. From the word top many other words are derived, sometimes with different meaning and significance.
A topic is a theme of a discussion placed on top of the paragraph. It is the top of ideas that are about to be discussed. In this sense it is also a heading or a title.
Topology generally means the way in which constituent parts of a thing are arranged. In mathematics topology means the study of geometric properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of figures.
In English, being on top means being above something. I am on top of a hill. Being on top of an idea means that you have the mastery of the idea. You are knowledgeable of something. It can also mean, being excellent or good at something. It can mean one is the best, or above, or outshines the others. In this case, being on top does not mean the position or place. Being on top of business can mean you manage the business.
Something topical means that it is based on a topic or a theme. This blog is ready to share with the readers how people use the term without caring about the original etymology and meaning. For instance, top-up means pay more airtime… tree-top being on top of a tree. It is unbelievable how modern English speakers use certain terms such as tropos & tropus simultaneously. Top can be used idiomatically to mean something different from the usual meaning.
Common English is being disrupted by illusions that come up with new media culture. Social media are now the main spoilers of languages as they come up with crooked pronunciations and spellings. There is reconstruction and de-construction going on through social media platform. You is just U. For you = 4 U. Some even say “Top me please” to say, support me. Wow! Very smart…top secret…! Top it up!
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